Russia / war drama / 85 мин. мин. / 18+
Proline Film
Directed by:
Written by:
Konstantin Lopushansky, Vyacheslav Rybakov, Denis Gutsko, Ivan Bolotnikov
Cinematography by:
Ayrat Yamilov
Production design by:
Maxim Maleev
Music by:
Main cast:
Geza Morcsányi (Hungary), Ekaterina Kramarenko (Russia), Daniela Stojanovic (Serbia), Darius Gumauskas (Lithuania), Vagif Kerimov (Azerbaijan)





Arthur, the former medical officer, leads a quiet life of the widower in the small mountain settlement in Dagestan. One day Arthur learns with horror that his daughter went to Syria to join the ISIS (*an organization prohibited in the Russian Federation). Arthur tries to save his daughter without thinking of consequences. Will the love of the father be able to win the brutal idea, which took control of the young girl’s soul?

In Cannes the presentation of a key art of the new film of Ivan Bolotnikov “Palmyra” took place

On May 14, 2019 the film studio Proline Film presented a key art of the film "Palmyra" within the Cannes International Marché Du Film market at the integrated stand of cinematographers from Russia - ROSKINO – Russian Cinema Worldwide. The producer of the project is Andrey Sigle, the director - Ivan Bolotnikov. The film is created with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

The film "Palmyra" narrates the story of a widowed doctor from Dagestan who lives quietly in a small highland Dagestan settlement. When Arthur learns that his daughter has escaped in order to “battle with the world of lies and vices”, he follows her suit. Arthur is adamant in his belief that anyone can be saved by love alone. However, will his fatherly love and humanism win the battle against cruelty and blind fanaticism?


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