Russia / Drama / 98 мин. / 16+
Proline Film in post-production
Directed by:
Maria Afanasyeva
Production design by:
Maria Petrova
Music by:
Murat Kabardokov
Main cast:
Marianna Luchinina, David Ochkhikidze


The heroine of this story, a young woman, considers herself a believer and tries to live according to the commandments. But an unexpected meeting turns to her love for a married man, and her feeling does not remain unanswered. However, the man belongs to the culture where the presence of a mistress is not forbidden, and even encouraged, while divorce is perceived as extremely negative. He sees no problems in having a second family. The heroine has a tough choice between her faith and her beloved. And the most important thing is that she will have to find out whether she can make such a choice on her own, or whether everything is predetermined from above…

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