Drama / 2 серии по 52 мин. / 14+

Kinopoisk 5.8

Directed by:
Written by:
Arkady Tigay
Cinematography by:
Alexander Ustinov
Production design by:
Natalia Kochergina
Music by:
Main cast:
Alexander Domogarov, Polina Filonenko, Natalia Tkachenko


Based on a story by Arkady Tigai, “Playing Cards to Win.”

He is a star of stage and screen. Every minute of his day is scheduled – acting in his latest blockbuster, leading roles in the best theaters, television appearances, photo shoots for the covers of glitzy magazines. Young women fans camp out near his house, ready to give anything to be next to him in place of the femme fatale Rat, whom he often brings home. The actor Artem Bolshakov (Alexander Domogarov) has everything in life except joy from his work, true love, peace and inner calm – that is, everything but happiness. 
She is a modest young woman from the provinces who has a job as a concierge in an apartment house filled with film stars, whom she watches parade by from her glass booth while she lays down cards to see if her dreams will come true. Vera seems to have everything – a young husband with a Moscow residence permit and a child. She should be happy with her life, but to her great misfortune she meets him. It’s not financial calculation or momentary passion. It’s the deep love of sacrifice. This is the story of love between a mature, jaded actor and a young provincial concierge. Can she return to him the joy of living, or will this seductive demon break her tender young heart?

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