Mother and Stepmother

Mother and Stepmother

Drama / 12 серий по 52 мин. / 14+

Kinopoisk 5.7

Directed by:
Written by:
Cinematography by:
Production design by:
Music by:
Main cast:
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This is the story of maternal love that tries to answer the age-old question: Who is your real mother? The one who gave birth to you or the one who raised you?
The story begins in 1989 and ends in the present.
Maria, an ordinary schoolteacher, is raising a three-year-old daughter, who becomes seriously ill.  To save her life, Maria needs money and influence, but Maria doesn’t have either. After trying everything with no success, Maria is in despair.
Another woman, Anna, is also in despair. The daughter of a famous writer, she has everything: position in society, money, a loving husband - everything but a child.
The destinies of these two very different women become intertwined, like the leaves of two vines…

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