Drama, comedy / 8 серий по 52 мин. / 14+

Kinopoisk 6.1

Directed by:
Alexey Lebedev
Written by:
Nina Yakab
Cinematography by:
Alexander Ustinov,
Production design by:
Yuri Pashigorev
Music by:
Grigory Voskoboinik
Main cast:
Sergey Nikonenko, Andrey Fedortsov, Evgeny Dyatlov, Fuad Osmanov


The hero of this film is Ivan – an unmarried 67-year-old pensioner, former sailor and incorrigible lady’s man. Despite his age and heart problems, he still chases after women, has affairs, and isn’t the least bit sorry that he doesn’t have a family or children.
But fate has a surprise in store for Ivan. Three grown men appear in his life without warning. They are his sons, the children of his former lovers – women of different nationalities: the Russian Lyuba, the Jewish Roza, and the beauty from the Caucasus Mariam.

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