drama / 92 мин. / 14+

Kinopoisk 6.6

Directed by:
Aleksander Khvan
Written by:
Arkadi Krasilshchikov
Cinematography by:
Ivan Bagaev
Production design by:
Natalia Kochergina
Music by:
Vitaliy Istomin
Main cast:
Igor Lifanov, Vladimir Golovin, , Oksana Bazilevich


Pavel Shnyrev is a professional assassin. He has a lot of enemies and even more problems. He is always on the run like hunted prey…
When Pavel’s mother (Larisa Malevannaya) is admitted to the hospital, she tells her son that his father is still alive.
Pavel travels to a distant village and finds his father. He has gone blind, but that doesn’t keep him from living a full life. By his side is his faithful helper – a guide dog. Pavel sees a different kind of life – the villagers and their simple lives, his father’s interests.
Then, chased by Pavel’s enemies, Pavel’s mother arrives to take her son some place far away to sit it out. But Pavel won’t leave his father – like a blind man who has found his guide dog.
And it seemed that things would be different now…

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