Shahdor Berkeshi

Shahdor Berkeshi

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A Russian cameraman of Hungarian descent. Born on 26 December 1963. In 1995 he graduated from the Cinematography Faculty of VGIK (the State Film School) (his teachers were V. G. Chumak, V. I. Yusov, N. A. Vasil’kov, O. K. Artseulov). He began his career shooting short films and documentaries. He first came to public attention for his camera work on the film  «Koktebel’» (2003).

He is a member of the Russian Union of Cinematographers.


2014 ANGELS OF THE REVOLUTION, dir. Alexei Fedorchenko

2012 CELESTIAL WIVES OF THE MEADOW MARI, dir. Alexei Fedorchenko

2011 HEARTS’ BOOMERANG, dir. Nikolai Khomeriki

2009 SHORT CIRCUIT, dir. Kirill Serebrennikov et al.

2009 IVAN THE TERRIBLE, dir. Andrei Eshpai

2008 THE VANISHED EMPIRE, dir. Karen Shakhnazarov

2008 HELP GONE MAD, dir.  Boris Khlebnikov

2007 SOAR, dir. Alexander Mindadze

2006 FREE FLOATING, dir. Boris Khlebnikov

2005 GREEK HOLIDAYS, dir. Vera Storozheva

2004 CHILDREN OF THE ARBAT, dir. Andrei Eshpai

2004 FOUR, as co-author with Ilya Khrzhanovsky

2003 KOKTEBEL’, Dir. Alexei Popgrebsky, Boris Khlebnikov; nominated for an White Square award

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