Sasho Pavlovski

Sasho Pavlovski

Born at the 26th of March 1968, in Bitola, Macedonia.

Mastered film directing at Natfiz, Sofia, Bulgaria — year 1998. I had professor and mentor Hristo Hristov, who finished VGIK in Moscow, which makes me more or less, indirectly russian student.

From 1998, I constantly work in Macedonia, Skopje, firstly as a film director.

From 2008, I established Manufaktura Production and started producing, and made more than 150 TV ads, 17 documentaries, one feature film called «This is not an American Movie», finished in 2010. I have also line produced and gave service on the feature film A Fond, produced by Chic Films — Paris, known as producers on the feature A Prophet, which won many awards, and directed by Jacques Audiard. On A Fond, co producer is Emmanuel Montamat, known as coproducer of the Oscar Winning feature «Artist». The film should have screenings 2016.

I love Russian culture, literature, films, music… From my early age, before I had any idea of being a film worker, I was reading a lot of works of Pushkin, Lermontov, Dostoevsky, Loski, Berdjaev, and many more authors. Here I met Kharms, in my country known as Harms. I don’t want to miss here my leads in my professional life as Tarkovsky, Paradjanov, Michael Romm, Ryazanov and many more legends of Russian cinema.

When I met Leonid last year in Taranto, Italy, we talked about the project Kharms. I was intrigued, because I knew what is Kharms, and what are his works and how difficult this task will be. Putting Kharms on film. He was so complex character, living in very turbulent time.

One more reason was the greatness of the films produced by Proline, specially the work of Sokurov, plus, I realised, this will be the first ever cooperation between Russia and Macedonia.

I hope we will finish the project well done, and we will be proud of it, and in future, we will proceed working together.


2016 HARMS, c / f, co-producer

2016 A FOND, x / f, co-producer

2010 THIS IS NOT AN AMERICAN MOVIE, x / f, producer

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