Ieva Norviliene

Ieva Norviliene

Ieva started producing films during her studies at Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. Following their team-work with film director Ignas Miskinis on production of short film “Easily and Sweetly” and feature film “Diringas” they founded their own distribution company “Tremora” (2005). Later Ieva produced the film “Collectress” the recognized debut work of Kristina Buozyte (2008) and the second IgnasMiskinis feature “Low Lights” premiered at the International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary in 2009. The same year “Low Lights” received the Lithuanian national film industry award “Silver Crane” for the best film and had participated in many international film festivals afterwards.

Her other project was developed together with the young film director Saulius Drunga. His film “Anarchy in Zirmunai” was first screened at the Moscow International Film Festival in 2011. The film received the “Silver George” award as the best film of the Perspective competition. The same year among other prizes the film was honored by the jury at the “Baltic Debuts” film festival in Svetlogorsk and also received a special prize of governor of Kaliningrad Oblast.

Last year Ieva finished her work on Krisitine Buozyte’s film “Aurora”. The premiere was held at the International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary and received the “Special mention of the jury” award. The film picked up the Gold Melies Award at the Sitges Fantastic Film Festival and among many other prizes was awarded as “The Best Picture”, “Best Director”, “Best Screenplay”, “Best Actress” at the Fantastic Fest festival (Austin, USA).

Ieva is a member of European Film Academy and Alliance of Cinema Authors (Lithuania).

Ieva started producing films during her studies at  Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre.


2017 LIEBE OMA, GUTEN TAG !, producer, producer

2017 HAMME, x / f, producer

2016 HARMS, c / f, co-producer

2016 CHANGE OF KINGS, x / f, producer, actress

2012 DISAPPEARING WAVES, x / f, producer

2011 LAURA AND FILMS, film, producer

2011 35 MM, x / f, producer

2010 ANARCHY IN ZHIRMUNAI, film, producer

2009 PARK 79, x / f, isp. producer

2009 GEDRE, x / f, producer, actress

2009 HOT DOG, short film, producer

2009 CLOSE TO THE LIGHT, x / f, producer

2008 AT DAWN, x / f, producer

2008 COLLECTION, producer, producer

2006 DEERING, x / f, producer

2004 EASY AND SIMPLY, short film, producer

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