Wojciech Urbanski

Wojciech Urbanski


He was born in 1982 in Poland.

He finished the Warsaw Theatre Academy  (2002 – 2006) actor workshop, and then the Saint Petersburg States Theatre Arts Academy  in the workshop of V. Fil’shtinsky (2006 – 2011) specialising in acting and directing.

Musical education (pianoforte, guitar, saxophone).


2016 KHARMS, dir. Ivan Bolotnikov, as Kharms

2014 A GRAIN OF TRUTH, dir. Borys Lankosz as Chaim Weisbrot

2013 THE MIGHTY ANGEL, dir. Wojciech Smazhovsky, as Franz Kafka

2012 FATHER MATEUSZ, serial, as artist killer

2012 TRAFFIC DEPARTMENT, dir. Wojciech Smazhovsky, as a witness

2011 PLEBANIA, soap opera, as Mikhal

2010 MILITARY INTELLIGENCE, dir. Alexei Prazdnikov, as Tomasz Tragonsky

2010 DOCTOR (soap opera), dir. Stanislav Titarenko as  a count.

2010 BIALO-CZERWONE (soap opera), dir. Maciej Migas, as Tikhonov.

2006 BECAUSE OF LOVE, dir. Leszek Wosiewicz, as Marcello

2005 DEAR ELENA SERGEYEVNA (Polish title «Klucz»), dir. Wojciech Smazhovsky, as Vitia.

2004 SCENES FROM THE WARSAW UPRISING, dir. Leszek Wosiewicz

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