Proline Film will present a new Russian feature film "Palmyra" at the Marche du Film

Palmyra (directed by Ivan Bolotnikov) is a story about Arthur, a former medical officer who leads a quiet life of the widower in the small mountain settlement in Dagestan. One day Arthur learns with horror that his daughter went to Syria to “fight the world of lies and sin”. Arthur tries to save his daughter without thinking of consequences. Will the love of the father be able to win the brutal idea, which took control of the young girl’s soul?

Narrative drama Through the Black Glass (directed by Konstantin Lopushansky) is a contemporary reading of classic stories: Cinderella, Scarlet Sails, and even Chaplin’s City Lights. The protagonist is an 18 years old blind girl who gets a chance of a lifetime. A rich man offers to her the precious gift of the eyesight, provided that she marries him blindly. This gift opens her eyes on the grim truth of life.

Documentary Fatei and the Sea (directed by Alina Rudnitskaya and Sergey Vinokurov) was produced by Proline Film in co-production with the Finnish company ILLUME OY and ARKANA Film Studio (Poland), supported by Russian Ministry of Culture, Polish National Film Institute, Finnish Film Foundation, AVEK, and Yle. In March 2017, it was the first documentary project with majority stake in Russia that was supported by FOUNDATION EURIMAGE. The film takes place in the Far East, on an uninhabited island called Rikord in the Peter the Great Gulf of the Sea of Japan. The lead character, called Fatei after his father, and his family have their own marine farm where they harvest delicacies from the sea. In amazing images of the underwater world and landscapes of the Primorsky (Maritime) Territory of the Russian Far East, Fatei and the Sea tells the story of a humble man whose life is inseparable from the big world around him.

Proline Film will also present Faust (directed by Alexander Sokurov), The Orchard (directed by Sergey Ovcharov), and Crime and Punishment (directed by Dmitry Svetozarov).

Elena Pan, head of sales at Proline Film Studio:

“We value the opportunity of being in Cannes and participating in this lively professional event. We are glad to present our content at the united booth ROSKINO – Russian Cinema Worldwide, at the most important European platform for international promotion. Comfortable work space and advertisement facilitate finding partners and meeting co-producers for future international projects. Proline Film will showcase films and TV series that have already received appreciation from our Western partners. Our major title in the 2019 catalogue is Palmyra, already in final stages of post-production.”



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Proline Film  will present a new Russian feature film

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